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We MK Haji Orphanage Hospital Accepts Karunya Arogya Suraksha Padhathi (KASP)

Karunya Arogya Suraksha Padhathi (KASP)

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We are proud to announce that we wholeheartedly embrace the Karunya Health Scheme, extending our commitment to accessible and affordable healthcare to all. At MK Haji Orphanage Hospital, we believe that every individual deserves quality medical attention, regardless of their socio-economic background. By participating in the Karunya Health Scheme, we ensure that our services are not only comprehensive but also financially feasible for those in need.

Benefits of Karunya Health Insurance Scheme

  • Under this scheme, insurance is offered by the government for Rs. Under this, insurance of up to Rs 2 lakh is given for the treatment of the disease covered.
  • Apart from this, if the severity of any disease increases, then the amount of this insurance is increased by the government to 3 lakh rupees.
  • Under this, if the expenditure incurred for the treatment of any serious disease is much more than the initially estimated amount, then the amount of reimbursement will be provided to the beneficiaries under this scheme.
  • At least 5 members of the beneficiary’s family can get the benefit of treatment under Kerala’s Health Insurance Scheme. Apart from this, a separate card will be issued to each person.

Features of Karunya Health Insurance Scheme

  • Karunya Arogya Suraksha Padhathi (KASP) launched by the Government of Kerala is fully funded by the State Government.
  • The scheme provides a cover of Rs 5 lakh per family per year for secondary and tertiary care hospitalization in empaneled public and private hospitals.
  • Through this scheme cashless access to health care services is provided for the beneficiary at the point of service, i.e. in the hospital.
  • This scheme of the state government is envisaged to help reduce the disastrous expenditure on medical treatment.
  • Under this scheme, expenses such as diagnosis and medicines are covered by the beneficiaries for 3 days before hospitalization and 15 days after hospitalization.
  • Along with this, there is no restriction on the size, age or gender of the family under this scheme.
  • The benefits of Kerala’s Health Insurance Scheme are portable across the country i.e. the beneficiary can visit any public or private hospital in India to avail cashless treatment.
  • Services include approximately 1,573 procedures covering all the costs related to treatment, including but not limited to drugs, supplies, diagnostic services, physician’s fees, room charges, surgeon charges, OT and ICU charges etc.
  • Through this scheme government hospitals are reimbursed for health services at par with private hospitals.
  • Also, all the pre-existing conditions under this plan are covered from day one.

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